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A Few Influential People I Need to Thank

I believe I’m fortunate to be living in this era.  There are certain individuals that are in my life to one degree or another who have influenced my mindset which has resulted in my successes over the past 6 years.  I’m going to gloss over the obligatory “Jesus” as that’s just a given in my […]

A Few Critical Money Tips for Real Estate Agents

When you’re self employed, YOU are responsible for more than you think.  As an employee, which you may have been familiar with up until the point you decided to become self employed, your employer handled your taxes and social security for you. Now that you’re self employed, you MUST have a simple roadmap to account […]

Just So I Get This Straight…

The last time I needed to see a medical professional was in 2004 when I crashed my quad on a very steep sand dune, broke my collar bone, cracked 3 ribs, and bruised most of my body on the right side. At the time, I was working for an employer who was chronically past due […]