Jon Griffith | God will give you something to do…

God will give you something to do…

God will give you something to do…

So, it seems that God answers prayers. The horrible fact of the matter is that He answers them when He wants to, and ninety-nine times out of tenty-ten, He answers them too dern fast.

I asked for something to fill my days. I want something to do. I need to network; I need to grow.

Wow, so, today I was bogged down non-stop with things to do. I awoke a bit late (snicker snicker for all you full-time folk), around 9:30, and groggled out of my sleep mode to find a message on my phone, etc., etc., I won’t bore you. Basically, I went non-stop all day, and I laid a laminate floor at Church for the Nations too.

The bottom line is, God will give you something to do if you ask Him to.

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