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I was sitting in my favorite coffee shop today, INZA Coffee (happens to be the closest one to me with free WIFI), when I overheard someone speaking about a blog that they had put up in the past week that had received over 150 subscribers in that time alone. I leaned back and asked what it was. Team Forty. Team Forty is the blog for the company Forty Agency, an advertising and marketing group on Phoenix, Arizona.

Upon visiting the site, I came across an article about social networking and why social networking is important in a down economy. In this article there was mention of a site called

As many of you do, I quickly signed up and confirmed my account and began building a small social network. But as I normally do, I realized that I had more important tasks at hand that need to be completed, so I’ll be working on my social network at a later time.

If you’re looking to create your own niche based social network that supplements or leads others to the rest of your websites, this is yet another great site to explore. Enjoy.

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