Jon Griffith | Ford Arizona Ironman Triathlon

Ford Arizona Ironman Triathlon

Ford Arizona Ironman Triathlon

A triathlon consists of three events. Swim, bike, run…in that order. Triathlons come in many shapes and sizes and sometimes there are variations which involve only two of the three sports where one sport is repeated in the race.

Some triathlons are very small, with swim distances as short as 400 meters, 12 mile bike courses, and only 3 miles of running. Some are not. The most intense, grueling, and emotionally overwhelming of the triathlon is the Ironman Triathlon with the pinnacle of all triathlons occurring annually in Kona, Hawaii.

Brandon Stark of Arizona began his triathlon experience a few years back with what’s called a “sprint” distance triathlon. This is typically 750 meters in the water, 12 miles on wheels, and 3.2 miles on foot. Little did he know that he would become addicted to the thrill of success after crossing that finish line for the first time.

After numerous races, each increasing with distance and difficulty, Brandon set out to conquer the most intense of all triathlons, and it occurs this coming April 13, 2008 in Tempe, Arizona.

If you’ve ever dared to compete in any triathlon distance, you know the emotional gratification and sense of personal achievement one feels when completing such a feat. If you haven’t, you might consider living a little. Last year, I was challenged to compete in a triathlon and I took the challenge, and even though it was the toughest thing I had ever attempted, it was so gratifying, that I went back for more the next month, and doubled my distance. One day, I may also compete in a full Ironman distance…but for now, I will join my friend Brandon on the big day, bright and early in the morning, to cheer him on.

If you’re not a sports buff, it is a spectacle that must not be missed. I have added a view inspiring videos here that will hopefully touch you as much as they did me.

I hope you go.

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