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How Fitting, The Executive

How Fitting, The Executive

During my adventure as “The Executive Apprentice” little did I know that I would actually be working for a company with the name Realty Executives.  As a full-time Realtor in the state of Arizona, I have found new adventure in a much more exciting and rewarding career.  One of the most valuable experiences I have had in the past 5 months was developing this very blog as it paved the way for many new ideas to help build my real business.

My approach in the blogging community has shifted from “making money” to “helping others.”  I have taken the knowledge of blogging, WordPress, plugins, web-development, you name it to my primary website at where I contribute as much of my Real Estate knowledge as time allows to help you determine if you want to use me to purchase a home or sell your home.  It has been a success already, driving my unique visitors from zero at the end of april to over 800 as of today.  I know, that’s not a whole lot compared to the rest of the “blogging world” but you must remember that in real estate, one transaction is a good transaction and if the response rate is 400/month and I find myself one trusting client out of 400 potentials, then only 1/4% of the traffic will help me make a fairly substantial living over the next 12 months.

Don’t think that real estate is easy work.  It’s not, and it involves a large amount of prospecting, which most people just hate to do.  I am not one of those people.

I could look upon the time spent on The Executive Apprentice as fitting because it really has ben an apprenticeship.  After 4 months I have secured 2 listings and have a trusting buyer who is very happy with the work that I’m doing to find them a perfect home in Scottsdale Arizona.

With a bit of creativity and technical knowledge, I have been able to quickly publish information about both of my seller’s properties on indiviually hosted “Showcase Property Websites.”  Feel free to see what they look like.

The first is located in Gilbert at 564 Aviary Way, and the second is also in Gilbert at 1028 W. Tremaine.  Each has its own site and each also has its own virtual tour thanks to the genius software developers over at who have developed a REALLY easy way to publish photo galleries through Flash.?

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