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Truly One in a Million

Truly One in a Million

Yes, I’m now an iPhone owner.  After a few years, well, let’s face it, 36 years of waiting patiently by the phone (sorry about that) I finally caved…(needle scratching a record)….CAVED?  Are you kidding, this is one of the best purchases I have made in ages.  From the Apple IIc which I had when I was 14 years old through the ages to the iPhone, with more computing power than a nuclear missile en route to the moon, I finally have arrived.  It’s almost a religious experience, owning an iPhone.  I can flick and touch and tap my way to freedom now!!!

Apple announced this morning that it had sold 1 million 3G iPhones over the weekend since the device’s launch on Friday. The device launched in 21 countries (France, one of the original 22 countries, is sitting this one out until July 17) to long lines that lasted throughout the weekend, making this the most successful device launch yet—at least in terms of sales.

The selling point on the iPhone 3G was the enterprise Exchange Server connectivity, which I utilized with my Windows based phone.  It was the only “feature” that made the Treo 700W worth carrying around.  Now with the sleek and light design of the iPhone I’m enjoying life even more.  The interface just works, and the phone does not crash unless you put it under undue stress, such as running an application from the iTunes application store that isn’t working right.  Other than that, it has not failed, it has not annoyed me, it has worked worked worked every time iTouch it :).

With a cost of only $200, it’s probably the last phone I’ll need until another iPhone comes along with more features that help me lower my costs.  Thank you Apple.  Now I am truly one in a million.

  • Steve Belt
    Posted at 17:23h, 15 July


    Congrats. I rambled into an AT&T store yesterday, hoping to make an iPhone purchase. They were sold out. The Biltmore Apple store received a stock of them today, but are sold out as of now.

    At best case, I may get one Friday, as my schedule isn’t allowing me much time to wait in line for one…ugh!