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An article was recently pushed across my desk which really has made a difference in my life.  It was written by Bill Gray, and I’m not sure where the article was originally published, but I’m posting it here so you have the chance to also read it.

DISCIPLINE, by Bill Gray

Over time it has been proven, without a doubt, that those who possess self-discipline are the most successful.

Self-discipline relates to a person’s integrity and moral ways; it becomes an internal compass that leads you toward your goals.

Those with discipline do not need to be told what to do and rarely need a guidance counselor too lead the way.  No one tells a person with discipline when to get up, when to go to work, or what to do when they get there.  This type of person will set his or her own priorities and schedules and meet their own deadlines.

Self-discipline is more powerful than luck, aptitude, or talent, and provides greater results.  Discipline allows you to set your siights on a target and find a way to achieve it.  It will wear down th etoughest opponent and help overcome the greatest obstacles.

Discipline is the primary ingredient to economic success.  If you lack discipline, your chances of success are slim.  Many with outstanding futures and abundant talent have failed when discipline was lacking.

Most unhappiness comes from a lack of discipline.  Society makes millions of dollars a year on those who lack self-control.  You can inherit a million dollars, but without a disciplined plan you will be no better off in a few years.

We live in a society of abundant “starters” but very few “finishers.”

Bill Gray is publisher of the Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business and president of the Arizona School of Real Estate & Business.

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