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Don’t Give Me No Lippr About Blippr

Don’t Give Me No Lippr About Blippr

It was a few years back that I met Chris Heald when he began playing bass guitar in our church band at New Valley Church, and to this day, he is quite possible the tallest person on the planet.  That’s not actually true…but he carries a commanding presence around with him, and her name is Bryanne, his very loving and supportive wife.

The reason I stress supportive, is because I know how much work Chris has put into this project and continues to put into it.  He’s probably one of the most over-dedicated coders on the planet, and he just gets it, and to top it off, he has a great ear which makes it very easy for him to pick up a new song whenever we play one.

Now that the startup that he has been working on has been acquired by, a feat that we at New Valley are all very proud of (congratulations Chris), it appears that his future has been brightened exponentially.  Not only will his future be bright, but the future of the internet will be influenced by the hard work he has put into is a sort of micro-review site that allows you to, in a Twitteresque way, post a review of your favorite book, movie, musician, software application, or video game in 160 characters or less.  Most notably about the site is the user experience.  It’s one of the only sites that I have come across that seems to interact with you, like a human, providing quick and clever feedback on every action you perform.  It’s clever and actually fun to use, and ultimately, very effective.  As far as value, it all lies in the ability to receive representative recommendations that actually matter to you because they are so closely tied with friends that you already trust.  Give it a try today.

Here’s to innovation, Chris!  I’m thankful to know you and have you as a friend and I can’t wait to see what you turn out over the next few years.

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