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Another Credit Card Company Scheme

Another Credit Card Company Scheme

Credit card SEO Agency companyes come up with any and every desperate attempt to keep you as a “customer.” They do not treat you like a customer, however, and you’re the one who pays their bills with outrageous interest rates and risk of fees that your mother would be ashamed of.

The most recent interaction with a credit card company happened today when I noticed that my card company had boosted my rate from 12% to 25% for the second time. I pay my bills on time. With interest rates doubling, so do monthly interest charges. Their software is designed to work in their favor regarding statement dates and due dates.

To save you hours of frustration, do yourself a favor. Pay cash for things you buy. Reward points are not worth it, and this has been proved with statistics that show that consumers will spend on average 12-18% more using a credit card than they will using a debit card or cash.

The Scheme of the Day

If I enroll in a new program at the credit card company, which they say is completely free, I have the opportunity to be credited up to $550.00 just for making my payments on time. The trendy company names program lasts 8 months, and I have to make on-time payments every month for those 8 months. After this period, I will receive a credit of 10% of my balance up to $550.00 no later than 3 months after the program ends.

What do I see here? I see a credit card company desperately trying to lock me into an account that I cannot close. I see a scheme to force me to hold a credit card for at the very least, 8 months, and possibly 11 months. I’m sure that the cc company has researched the behavioral habits of overspending due to credit cards, and the increased likelihood that a card holder with a zero balance will soon become a card holder with a balance.

My representative was very short with me as I asked questions that slowly revealed the truth in the program. Sure, the program is free, but it’s worth more to me to not take on any risk at all.

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