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post-template-default,single,single-post,postid-999,single-format-standard,ajax_fade,page_not_loaded,,qode-theme-ver-11.2,qode-theme-bridge Is Almost Everything I Need Is Almost Everything I Need is an online cloud.  It’s a place where I can store specific files permanently so they are away from my computer.  It works in the background, simply monitoring folders that I specify on my MAC or PC.  When a file is added or changed, the agent which is always running sends that changed file to my cloud on  Coupled with the iPhone, it gives me a very easy way to access those files.

What doesn’t do is what I really need it to do, and that is keep not only files on one computer synchronized to the website, but also synchronized to another computer.

All of my transaction documents, contracts, HUD-1’s etc., are stored in a set of folders which is nested beneath a single folder on my desktop.  Since I use two different computers for most of my work, having quick access to the most recent file on each computer is vital to my productivity and it’s one of the main reasons I am able to deliver such quick responses to document requests.

In order to make sure that a folder on one computer appears on the other computer as well, I employ a simple program called Windows Live Sync.  I’m not a big fan of Microsoft products, but since both of these computers that I’m using are PC’s, and I’ve been working with Microsoft products for years, I figure it’s the best I can do for free.  Windows Live Sync does what doesn’t.  It monitors a folder on your computer, synchronizes it with the Windows Live website, then synchronizes it with any other computers that have been assigned to the same folder.

At the end of the day, a process might look like this.  1) I create a new PDF file in the transaction folder.  2)  Windows Live synchronizes it with all of the computers I have setup for synchronization.  3) shuttles the file up to the site so I can view it from any computer, AND from my iPhone.

With both tools implemented, not only do I automatically duplicate my files for a quick backup to my other computers, but I also send a version to my cloud at, ensuring it’s permanently preserved. treats each computer separately, and doesn’t link the two together, which means you won’t see a file on one computer that you created on another computer without accessing the site directly and downloading the file.

Until implements this feature, I’ll stick with what I have, which is working just fine.

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