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Nam liber tempor cum soluta nobis

Before the internet existed, the process would have occurred in a different order. You would have first sought out your real estate professional, then you would have begun searching for a home. This is still happening today, but now you have the ability to find the home you love on your own. There's no substitute, however, for seeing the home in person, and that's what you'll need a licensed real estate agent for. Let's say that you did find that dream home on the internet. You drove by it a few times, maybe even had the opportunity to talk with the owner

I'm not a programmer by any means. I'm good at setting up systems that work towards a purpose. I can dive into a mechanism clear it out, and put it back together so I understand how it works. Creating it from scratch will be left up to the programmers, the geniuses. When I adopted Wordpress a few years ago, I migrated from MoveableType, a site that I was turned on to by Michael Parrish of, who I found after searching Google for